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Users Can Monetize Their Content For Crypto and NFTs With Reel Mood.

Built and operated by some of the top leading creators in the industry. 



Publish your content on Reel Mood, earn cryptocurrency, sell your NFT collection & more.

Reel Mood is the first video stream platform that utilizes cryptocurrency and NFT's to monetize content creators. 

Creators upload and stream straight to fans, create premium subscription channels to release exclusive content and mint and trade their NFT's. 

Users can earn Reel Mood tokens by streaming, sharing content or participating in community growth campaigns.

Go live via web and mobile.

Bring your audience to any screen at home, on your computer or to your mobile device. 

Multiple ways to watch

Reel Mood rewards you with crypto when you watch your favorite live streamers on the web, IOS or Android device.

Integrate your preferred broadcast studio 

Use your preferred streaming broadcast studio (OBS, Streamlabs, Restream etc) to go live in one easy-to-use setup.

More than one way to earn

Enter a new way to monetize your content and connect with fans on web 3.0. 

Earn Crypto

Recieve your earnings in crypto. Become a partner to recieve MOOD tokens and NFTs to grow your earnings. 

Easily Customizable

Easily customize your channel and/or brand to easily get the best optimation for you.

Subscriptions & Premium Channels

Convert your loyal fans and subscribes to become prenium watchers with access to your exclusive content. Connect with your fans via Livestream or on your channel.

NFT Marketplace

A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, auction, and discover both fans and creators collections. (Q2 2022)

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